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I am a Spaniard, I am a husband, I am a father, and a friend. I am an artist, I work as a graphic designer and I still have dreams. I just wasn't brave enough to pursue them. [my comics blog]
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  1. Luis Escorial scrive:

    It is a nice analogy I am glad you enjoyed. Drops of ink (the blood of the story) for the pain and the hurting. They represent in some way the hurting from the things that once happened (and which I am narrating) and at the same time the bleeding of the written story while I put on ink some of those things I never talked before. Writing it and drawing it is still hurting and my “pen” bleeds for it…

    At least that was my idea behind it :)

    Thanks so much for your words.

  2. Luis Escorial scrive:

    Thanks so much “nikink”.
    Almost as big part of my enjoyment, as creating and drawing the stories, is the conversation I have with you guys afterward. Not because I seek praise (believe me I have a hard time hearing good things said about me) but because it is such a learning experience.

    I am not sure any piece of work would have the same completeness without the collaboration of the viewer. It is a great thing to have the possibility of listening to other artists, writers, poets, maybe musicians, all of you with great sensibility, talking about something that was born from your heart, and discover how many things we all have in common.

    Sparks the creativity and sometimes gives me inspiration for new stories.

    This is the beauty of the web and I think (correct me if I am wrong Mak or JD) this is the beauty and purpose of Coreingrapho.

    Believe me, it is my pleasure.

  3. Luis Escorial scrive:

    As JD says, I do really appreciate everybody for the comments and the effort you guys put to communicate with me.

    Good or bad English you are proven to be great people and so much ahead of most of Americans that will answer any “foreigner with accent” with a mumbling: whaaaaaat? what did you say? speak English man!!!


  4. Giorgio scrive:

    Cosa? Cosa hai detto? Parla italiano, uomo!


  5. makkox scrive:

    I could put my sign under your words about Core purpose, Luis.
    :) it makes me very glad.

  6. Barabba scrive:

    Non so se è già stato detto, ma complimenti al traduttore.

  7. jd scrive:

    grazie Barabba

  8. emanuelesi scrive:

    pretty intense…
    difficult subject but well done

  9. riccionascosto scrive:

    Jd, posso dire una cosa anche se stavi parlando con Luis?

    Paradossalmente, la cosa che funziona meno nella traduzione non è la traduzione stessa, ma il fatto che, alla fine, l’italiano sia molto più vicino allo spagnolo di quanto lo sia l’inglese. (e infatti anche Luis lo dice)
    E questa è una storia di muri e di distanze.

    L’esempio più chiaro è nella parte centrale, quella in cui viene appunto esplicitata la distanza:

    When I say love and hate and hope, I only see words. But if I say “amor” and “odio” and “esperanza” they go so deep in my soul…

    In italiano è:

    Quando dico amore, odio e speranza, vedo solo parole. Ma se dico “amor” e “odio” e “esperanza” queste mi penetrano talmente l’anima…

    Vedi? La differenza tra le parole è così minima che, davvero, il senso della distanza – che pure c’è – è uno sforzo in più.
    Per questa – QUESTA – storia, probabilmente qualsiasi lingua avrebbe “funzionato” meglio dell’italiano, almeno in punti come questo.
    Ma, ovviamente, questo non toglie valore e bellezza alla traduzione stessa.

    (my half cent, as usual)

  10. riccionascosto scrive:

    Know what?

    I think that English is a tricky language. And it is a “business” language if you use it like that.
    But think just of Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson, and you will find romance, and music.
    Of a different kind, perhaps, but music.
    It’s like learning waltz, or polka, when you’re used to dance tango.
    Different rhytm, different steps.
    But it’s dance.

    What I love, in English, it’s synthesis. That’s not aridity, but immediacy.
    And, at the same time, an infinite world of wordplay.
    I love also shades.
    English is a language full of shades. It gives to single words what we (Italians, but Spaniards also, I think) express through gestures or flows of words. Maybe because in a cold weather, gestures – and breath – must be spared.

    Therefore no, I don’t agree that English is a “business” language.
    But you have to let it go into your heart.
    Just a little bit


  11. Rael scrive:

    Dear Luis, I appreciated the frames, first. I see that on Core most of all are running away from them: we’re playin’ with melting and fading, sketches fill the textures and text turns to painting. So, I loved your little coming back to tradition.


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